Welcome to Magbands.comTHE ORIGINAL MAG LABEL for ar 15 magazines ! Labels /markers for ar15-10 ak47 magazines Magbands the original magazine labels


The Original Mag Labeling System

Established in 2012 as away to label my ar 15 magazines,  at the time the only way I could find to label mags were tape and markers, and I did not want to use tape or markers that fade and leave a sticky mess. The idea came from my kids silicon bracelets and the concept of Magbands was born. Magbands are a simple labeling system with a variety of colors to match ammo that has colored polymer tips! Easy to use, just slips over the bottom of your magazine. Designed to fit most modern sporting rifles magazines today. Just click on the shop button to purchase magbands! 

Thanks for your interest in Magbands!

Terry Glenn

Founder and Developer

Label your mags the Easy Way with Magbands!

A variety of colors lets you customize magbands to fit your needs!

Think Safety!

Magbands are 100% silicon for durability and solvent resistant. Semi gloss white silkscreen print is for quick reference of your mags and the type of ammo in that magazine! With so many calibers available for the modern sporting rifle magbands are the perfect way to keep your ammo and mags safely labeled! ar 15 magazines Magbands the original magazine labels Labels /markers for ar15-10 ak47 magazines Labels markers sporting rifle magazines 


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